Rhonda Ters Ltaif

December 2, 2013


Rhonda is an Educational, Developmental, and Clinical Psychologist who has been working with children and families since 2007. She has worked and continues to work with government agencies in departments specialising in the complex mental health issues of children and adolescents. Rhonda is experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties; and has worked extensively with mood disorders including depression and anxiety, along with other complex social/behavioural concerns such as inattention/hyperactivity, oppositional/defiant behaviours, bullying, and self-esteem.

Rhonda is systemic in her approach to treatment and practices evidence-based psychological therapies. She is committed to supporting young people and their families to achieve their therapeutic goals and overcome difficulties. She is passionate about children reaching their full potential and the cohesion of families. Rhonda is also proficient in the educational assessment of young people.