We value feedback from our clients, and we aim to ensure that each and every child, adolescent and family member is as satisfied as possible with our service.

We invite you to read the testimonials we’ve received from kids and young people, and from parents. Some testimonials have been written to our practitioners, and some to you.

What our kids and young people say

When I first came to Kids and Co I was a very sick young person. I was fresh out of hospital, feeling exhausted and scarred and scared. I was suffering from an eating disorder. I had scars that were imbedded deep into my mentality and my demon was bright and strong and ready to strike. Then, we found Anna.

Anna was and is, in all honesty, our saving grace. Anna listened to all of my worries and problems. She let me vent my anxieties and fears at her but she also knew when I wasn’t alright. She knew when I needed help. She taught me ways to control my eating disorder. I was never treated as a ‘patient’ or a child. I was a ‘young person’ who was developing and growing and changing and in need of guidance. I needed to be listened to and Anna knew that. She knew exactly what to do and she took the reins, leading me through obstacles and showing me right from wrong.

Anna has taught me so much and Kids and Co was a sanctuary for me. I became stronger with her assistance. I learned that Anna could see straight through my lies and she could provide me with the techniques that I needed. She knew when I was speaking and when my disorder was speaking. She knew how to tackle my issues and how to handle a young person who was struggling blindly in the dark. I believe my recovery is due to what Kids and Co provided for me; a loving, caring, kind, and knowledgeable environment where I could be honest and not afraid.

I fully believe that I would not be here today if it had not been for my beautiful guardian angel Anna and the team at Kids and Co. I was a very sick young person and now I am strong, ready to face obstacles and beat them. I know my battle is not over yet and I am still seeking guidance from Kids and Co, but I know that I am almost ready to face this world due to the skills and techniques I have been given. Thank you Kids and Co. – from a 15 year old client.


I like coming here. I get to talk to someone who understands stuff who won’t tell loads of people what I say.   – from an 11 year old boy


I am really enjoying high school and have made many new friends as well as keeping my old friends. I am also doing very well academically, getting all A’s and B’s. I have just started playing my rugby season and enjoyed the cricket season. When I play for Australia you will be able to do the Indian trip one more time!


When I first went to see my psychologist at Kids & Co I was failing school and really angry. I did something really stupid and gave myself a big fright. Mum insisted that I go and so after fighting with her all week I went. It was really great! Now I have my P’s and got into uni. I still catch the bus to Balmain occasionally to meet with my psychologist if I need to talk.


Dear Marlene, thank you for teaching me not to be worried or scared. I had a really fun time with you. I will always remember you and the things you said to encourage me. We all appreciate your work.


I guess what I most want to say is that for nearly 8 years I had been trying to convince myself to see a psychologist and not for one second did I think I would meet someone as kind, patient and unassuming as you. All of our sessions were so relaxed and free and I really felt that I was able to share myself and my thoughts. Your easy way of letting the session and our relationship unfold was very important for me and I never felt intimidated or withdrawn as I had always imagined I would.

I feel as if my whole world is so wonderful and open again and I have you to thank for that. I wanted to wish you the best of luck Marlene, I hope you know that you have made such an impact on my life and I am very grateful. Speak to you soon.


I came to Marlene doubting that her sessions would help, because my self-esteem was so low and I was not sure that anyone could help me. My sleeping was terrible, which had been a problem all my life. I then found out that she really could help me by teaching me skills of how to sleep better. I became far less anxious going to sleep knowing that I was not the only person who couldn’t sleep well. Marlene also used the same kind of skills to help improve my self-esteem problems.

I’ve come to realise that not every day is perfect and I know that it will be hard, but I can push through. The skills that I learnt from Marlene will help me all through my life and hopefully help others as well. Thank you Marlene!


What our parents say

I wanted to say how fantastic everything has been with my son since he has been seeing you.  I never would have believed it possible had I not seen the way he is so happy to meet up with you and the change in his mood. It is wonderful and makes me quite emotional when I think of my son and his anger when he first met up with you at the beginning of the year. I really want to thank you so much from the whole family.  Thank you Lauren.   – from the mother of an 11 year old boy.


Kids & Co worked with my daughter and I over nine consecutive sessions to resolve issues she had in accepting my new partner. I found Kids & Co to be: very professional in manner; very personable, relating well to Jesse and myself; very skilled in dealing with children, the tools she used and the information she gained; and she is a delightfully charming person to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending her or working with her again.


Dear Marlene, It is really hard to put into words how much you have helped our family. We came to you in a mess and you patiently and kindly helped us to sort through to what is really important. Peter and I can talk now about approaching issues together and you have helped.


Michelle helped my daughter through a difficult time by being an adult outside of the family whom my daughter could trust, have fun with, learn from and be encouraged by. Having had a few sessions with Michelle myself, I can say I found it a relief to be so well listened to, to feel understood and affirmed when things seemed heavily stacked against me. I imagine this is one reason why my daughter always wanted to see Michelle when she was feeling socially isolated and anxious. Seeing Michelle alone also gave my daughter the opportunity to reflect on her behaviour and to role play behaviour that could help her with her social difficulties. This was empowering. We are very grateful to Michelle for her help.


I have lost myself; I have no time to think; I feel inadequate in so many areas:

  1. How can I promote self-esteem
  2. How can I be an appropriate role model
  3. How can I instill cooperation and self-motivation
  4. How can I positively deal with disagreements and teach conflict resolution

These were the feelings that I was dealing with before coming to see Michelle at Kids & Co She helped me to change all these feelings.

Michelle listened and listened and listened, her countenance showed me she was interested in me and my family. Michelle’s directions and counsel were easy to follow as well as rewarding. Michelle empowered me to be realistic, analyse what is really happening so that disagreements do not escalate, and to verbalise to the children what was happening. I could not have made it through this difficult time without her professional help and support.


Our family met with Amanda over a period of six months and found she was very welcoming and understanding. Through regular visits, she was able to help us understand, accept and manage our son’s anxiety. He is now a happier, well balanced and enthusiastic four-year old. We are thrilled!


As a parent struggling to find help, understanding and skills to assist my children in overcoming crippling anxiety, I have the highest regard for Amanda Frawley of Kids and Co. She is a gifted and accomplished clinical psychologist who has the rare ability to connect, and patiently guide and support both parent and child, providing them with the life-changing skills and confidence to create new ways of thinking and being.


Dear Amanda,

Thank you for the amazing work you have done with us. As a parent we only want the very best for our children, but sometimes we don’t have all the answers or knowledge to know how to help our children. You have given us the tools to handle situations, but as a direct result with your one-to-one work with our daughter, she is who she is today: confident, happy and able to deal with issues that she faces as she grows up. It’s peace of mind for us all, especially her. You are truly inspiring and extremely supportive.


We began family therapy which Anna recommended and we have never been closer. In the height of my illness, everybody was scared including me. We were all on edge, about to snap, and we needed Anna’s therapy. Anna has taught us to listen to each other, how to communicate, how to work as a unit rather than just as an individual.


Anna has also been wonderful in providing practical coping techniques for rambunctious teenagers! At all times Anna has listened carefully, understood OUR particular issue and has applied her great knowledge and understanding to produce a very successful result. Kids & Co provided an undercarriage of support, wisdom and humour to all of our family during some very challenging times.

I would unreservedly recommend Anna Cohen to anyone dealing with child related issues.


My child was extremely anxious. But who to talk to and see? It seems a small thing but it is quite a problem. Our doctor recommended Anna Cohen. Then the questions were asked. Will I be embarrassed? What will I say? Will she think I am silly? Am I the only person with this problem? We went to our first appointment to be greeted with a wonderfully smiling and friendly Anna, telling us that after a few visits everything will be ok. Anna we thank you.


Anna Cohen of Kids & Co has been a part of our lives for over three years now. She has helped us with a myriad of issues ranging from anxiety to bullying and issues of self-esteem. Rick, our son, was only three when he started to exhibit signs of anxiety related problems. I felt that he was too young to be exposed to the formal process of psychological counselling. In response, Anna agreed to craft a program where she coached me with the necessary techniques for teaching him basic coping mechanisms.

Rick has responded very positively to this method and Anna has always been available whenever any unexpected challenge has arisen. We are delighted with Rick’s progress and Anna’s flexibility in dealing with such a young child. The learning process which Rick and I embarked upon with Anna has been highly productive and has given rise to excellent results.