February 23, 2014

When I first came to Kids and Co I was a very sick young person. I was fresh out of hospital, feeling exhausted and scarred and scared. I was suffering from an eating disorder. I had scars that were imbedded deep into my mentality and my demon was bright and strong and ready to strike. Then, we found Anna.

Anna was and is, in all honesty, our saving grace. Anna listened to all of my worries and problems. She let me vent my anxieties and fears at her but she also knew when I wasn’t alright. She knew when I needed help. She taught me ways to control my eating disorder. I was never treated as a ‘patient’ or a child. I was a ‘young person’ who was developing and growing and changing and in need of guidance. I needed to be listened to and Anna knew that. She knew exactly what to do and she took the reins, leading me through obstacles and showing me right from wrong.

Anna has taught me so much and Kids and Co was a sanctuary for me. I became stronger with her assistance. I learned that Anna could see straight through my lies and she could provide me with the techniques that I needed. She knew when I was speaking and when my disorder was speaking. She knew how to tackle my issues and how to handle a young person who was struggling blindly in the dark. I believe my recovery is due to what Kids and Co provided for me; a loving, caring, kind, and knowledgeable environment where I could be honest and not afraid.

I fully believe that I would not be here today if it had not been for my beautiful guardian angel Anna and the team at Kids and Co. I was a very sick young person and now I am strong, ready to face obstacles and beat them. I know my battle is not over yet and I am still seeking guidance from Kids and Co, but I know that I am almost ready to face this world due to the skills and techniques I have been given. Thank you Kids and Co. – from a 15 year old client.