February 23, 2014

I have lost myself; I have no time to think; I feel inadequate in so many areas:

  1. How can I promote self-esteem
  2. How can I be an appropriate role model
  3. How can I instill cooperation and self-motivation
  4. How can I positively deal with disagreements and teach conflict resolution

These were the feelings that I was dealing with before coming to see Michelle at Kids & Co She helped me to change all these feelings.

Michelle listened and listened and listened, her countenance showed me she was interested in me and my family. Michelle’s directions and counsel were easy to follow as well as rewarding. Michelle empowered me to be realistic, analyse what is really happening so that disagreements do not escalate, and to verbalise to the children what was happening. I could not have made it through this difficult time without her professional help and support.