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Toward Change with Children, Young People and Families

Kids & Co. provides psychological care for children, young people and their families. Kids & Co. offers psychological assessment, treatments and support for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and family difficulties.

Extensive Training and Experience in the Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Mental Health, Personal & Family Issues

Dr Anna Cohen and Amanda Frawley founded Kids & Co. in 2000, and since then have been providing psychological services, along with a team of highly qualified and experienced clinical psychologists and psychologists, who are well positioned to support your family’s needs.

Because each of our psychologists has their own special interests and experiences, we are able to match your child’s needs with our most suitable clinician, who will work with you towards change. Our teams’ experience and knowledge in the field of child and family psychology is well recognised by colleagues, media agencies and the wider community.

With five locations across Sydney and NSW, one location on the Gold Coast, QLD, and Telehealth availability, Kids & Co. is well respected by general practitioners, psychiatrists, and other highly reputable organisations in Australia.

Kids & Co.
Psychological Services

Our Philosophy and Values

We believe that children and young people can make change in their lives to better fulfil their potential and grow into happy and healthy adults. We take a family approach in our work with you, acknowledging the importance of the young person’s relationships and contextual experiences, as well as the influence of behavioural and emotional problems on family members.

At Kids & Co. we value your views of your current experiences, which is why we work closely with you to make effective and efficient change. Importantly, we begin by developing a personalised treatment plan that will best suit your personal and family needs, and which is researched to be the most effective form of intervention for your particular situation.

To ensure the highest standard of care, all our clinical psychologists have extensive experience and training in child and adolescent mental health, child protection and working with adults, young people, children and families……