Psychometric Assessments

Kids & Co can provide a range of assessments for children and adolescents.  These developmental and educational assessments enable you as a parent to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, while also highlighting your child’s specific  learning style to maximise their academic potential. Our assessments also clarify the nature of your child’s difficulties, and equip you with practical, evidence-based strategies to help improve your child’s functioning.  At Kids & Co Eastern Suburbs, Autism Assessment is also available using ADOS testing to assist in diagnosis.

“My child is finding it hard to concentrate at school”

“My child is having learning difficulties”

“My child complains of being bored in class and isn’t paying attention”

“The teacher told me that my child is struggling with reading”

“Is my child gifted?”

Following your child’s assessment, we invite you to a feedback session to explain the results, and provide you with a comprehensive report, including recommendations on how you can assist your child to address any difficulties.

With your consent, we can also provide your child’s school with a detailed report outlining your child’s strengths and weaknesses, together with strategies to help correct and manage your child’s difficulties in the classroom.

We can also meet with school staff to discuss your child’s specific needs, and help teachers understand the tailored strategies and techniques that may be required to maximise your child’s potential in the learning environment.

We may recommend that families make use of educational assessments to help address a range of academic and learning issues, including:

  • Giftedness
  • Reading difficulties
  • Maths difficulties
  • Attention and concentration
  • Memory difficulties