Jaimie Bloch

May 6, 2015

Jaimie has been working with children and youth with developmental and mental health difficulties since 2010.  Jaimie is a behavioural consultant for difficult to manage children and adolescents, and focuses on the treatment of developmental disorders and group therapy based interventions.  Jaimie uses her flare for creativity to encompass both holistic and evidence based approaches when treating clients through comprehensive intervention plans, by setting up support systems for individuals and families.  Jaimie has had extensive experience working within schools through the implementation of school programs, teacher support and parent-school relationship building, to create a reliable and consistent therapeutic environment for the families she works with.

Jaimie is creative, energetic and grounding in her approach with children and youth, making a special effort to instil a sense of self-efficacy and hopeful curiosity towards life’s journey in each child she encounters.