Bruna De Andrade Viglio

GradDegPsychology (Brazil); BPsychol (Brazil); CertIII.Ins; CertIV.LeadMngt

Bruna is a compassionate, engaging, and experienced Psychologist. Having international experience as a clinical psychologist working in the allied and mental health system in Brazil, Bruna supported young adults and adolescents suffering from a range of mental health concerns. Bruna is passionate about helping young people and their families, and has recently gained Australian recognition of her psychology qualifications.

Being experienced in the treatment of severe mental disorders and with adolescents reluctant to engage in therapy, Bruna understands that every client is unique. She is committed to taking a caring approach and utilises a range of evidence-based therapies suitable to meet your unique needs. Bruna has experience using the CBT framework, as well as attachment and psychodynamic approaches.

Bruna has a special interest in working with culturally and language diverse young people and is committed to working with families to provide support and effective treatment for clients suffering from a range of disorders and emotional and behaviours issues. Sessions can be in English or Portuguese.