Dr Anna Cohen

Senior Clinical Psychologist
Registration PSY1176554
Doc.Clin.Psych, M.Clin.Psych, B.Psych(Hons)

Anna has worked with children, young people and families for over 25 years in both government and non-government organisations. She has strong skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children and young people presenting with psychiatric, emotional and behavioural problems, and in assisting parents implement parent management strategies. Anna has a special interest in working with treatment resistant children and young people and in incorporating animals into clinical practice. She writes extensively on parenting and is passionate about helping parents in developing skills and confidence in raising their children. Anna is committed to supporting families with the difficult challenges they often face, and in doing so, helping children and young people to re-engage with ordinary everyday childhood tasks.

Ciara Fletcher

Clinical Psychologist
Registration PSY0002172792
M.ClinPsych, B.Psych (Hons)

Ciara is a Clinical Psychologist with a passion for working with children, adolescents, and families. She offers a warm and compassionate approach and is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment. Ciara takes a collaborative approach to working with young people and works to empower families to support children and adolescents to face the challenges associated with growing up. She has experience working with children and adolescents with a range of psychological and behavioural concerns and adopts an evidence-based approach to assessment and treatment.

Dr Crista Wocadlo

Senior Clinical Psychologist
Registration PSY0001137777
PhD Clinical Psychology, B Arts (Multidisciplinary)

Crista is a Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years experience, having extensive knowledge in caring for families and children following newborn intensive care. Crista has substantial knowledge in the assessment and diagnosis of developmental difficulties that can challenge families and children. Her diagnostic expertise ranges across intellectual, academic, emotional and social domains. Crista also has a special interest in understanding learning disorders. She is passionate about helping children get ready for school entry, and assisting families in making positive transitions throughout their child’s school life.

Whilst using evidence-based practice in her work with you, Crista actively explores and includes innovative concepts to aid treatment. She has a deep commitment to ensuring that each child has both the support and the confidence to achieve their very best.

Isabel Fraser

Registration PSY0002105704
BA(Psy) PGDipPsy MClinPsy

Isabel is a psychologist who is passionate about providing evidence-based psychological interventions to support children, young people and their families. She offers a kind and collaborative approach to promote positive change within families, and treat the emotional and behavioural concerns of her clients. Isabel has completed her Masters of Clinical Psychology with Distinction in 2019, and has experience working with culturally diverse child, adolescent and adult populations. She has a background in research, and a special interest in mood disorders and perinatal mental health. Isabel draws on cognitive- behavioural and mindfulness-based therapeutic approaches to provide wholistic and individualised psychological care for children, young people and their families.

Kat Cox

Clinical Psychologist
Registration PSY0002174323
M.ClinPsych, BA(Psych), BA(Hons)Psych, BEd

Kat is passionate about using evidence-based psychological interventions to work with young people and their families to help them develop, grow, and build skills which will help them through any challenges that they may face.

She has experience working with neurodiverse young people, those with trauma experiences, anxiety and low mood, as well as with young persons who require behavioural support at home and in school.

Kat has completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology, and holds a first class Honours in Psychology from Western Sydney University. She also has a double degree from Macquarie University in Psychology and Primary Education.

Provisional Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist
Reg'n PSY0002473401
M.Clin.Psych, B.Psych (Hons)

Rosanna focuses on creating a warm, supportive and collaborative environment. Her empathetic and client centered approach to therapy helps to assist her clients achieve their therapeutic goals as well as navigate effectively through life.

Rosanna uses evidence-based practices and interventions, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) applied in a broad and flexible manner, tailored to the needs of the child, adolescent and their families.