We would like to assure our valued clients, their families, and the wider community that we are still available for face-to-face sessions, and for telehealth/phone sessions if these are suitable to your care and treatment goals.  The government has deemed that psychologists provide an essential health service and must continue to offer support, and it is also expected that face-to-face services continue to be provided.

We will continue to provide you with evidence-based treatment, and please know we have hygiene and social distancing measures in place to ensure your and our protection as much as possible.  Whilst most families remain comfortable to attend for face-to-face sessions, we know that some may prefer telehealth or a phone call from home.  Please contact us to discuss any preferences or concerns and we will do our best to assist.  It is important to us that your treatment continue without disruption where possible.

To those who may not yet have reached out, we encourage you to take this time to take the first steps toward change.  We welcome you to give us a call to discuss your needs and concerns, and we will aim to help.  With the restrictions of social distancing in place, the usual day to day commitments and running about may well have slowed for many families.  Take a moment to reflect on what each family member may need, whether it be the stressors associated with this challenging covid situation, or other concerns that you haven’t yet had a chance to address.   While some families are spending more time at home together, and parents may be working from home, it may be timely to reach out for support if you feel it would be helpful.  This unusual time of restriction and isolation, may be presenting us with a wonderful opportunity to attend to the mental health and relational needs of our families.

To those of you who have reached out to us in the past and have completed our work together, please know that you are welcome to ‘check-in’ with us if it would be helpful to you.  It is important to consider how best to reduce the impact that social isolation and routine restriction can have on our stress levels.  Reconnecting now, even briefly for one or two sessions, may assist you to bolster your previous support, help you to stay on track, and promote your resilience to get through this time.  If you think that would be helpful, we are only a phone call away.