Covid19 Safe Conditions for Face-to-Face Appointments

July 1, 2021

Updated January 2022

When attending in person, your appointment confirmation, indicates that you AGREE that you:

  • understand that by attending for in-person services in a shared office environment, you are assuming a risk for potential exposure to the virus.
  • acknowledge that all parties are responsible for taking relevant precautions to
    minimise exposure to COVID-19, and keep everyone safe (yourself, myself, other staff, other patients,
    our families, and our broader community).
  • will alert me of your vaccination status. If you are not vaccinated or do not wish to disclose
    your vaccination status we will discuss how best to go ahead with your sessions while
    maintaining our safety in accordance with our practice’s Covid safety precautions.
  • will alert me prior to appointments of any possible symptoms you have experienced, within
    the 10 days prior to your appointment.
  • will let me know before any appointment if you are unwell or have been in contact with a
    COVID positive case, and we will reschedule your appointment or make it telehealth if
  • will sign into our rooms using the relevant, CovidSafe app and QR code or manually sign in
    with the required details. (Children under the age of 18 not required to check-in individually)
  • arrive as close to time as possible, limit attendance to only those family members directly involved with your psychologist at your appointment, and wait in your car or elsewhere if waiting is required.

Please do not attend if you are experiencing any Covid19 or Flu-like symptoms; contact us to arrange a phone or video consult instead, or to reschedule if you are too unwell to proceed.

If you would like to discuss these conditions prior to your appointment, please contact the office. Thankyou for your understanding and help to STAY SAFE.

Further Information about receiving face-to-face psychological services during a pandemic

During a pandemic there is risk associated with meeting your psychologist for face-to-face sessions. Your psychologist and Kids&Co has in place appropriate measures to reduce this risk in accordance with health guidelines, such as minimising persons within the premises, wiping down high traffic surfaces, regular hand washing and sanitising, cough/sneeze etiquette, no handshaking, increased ventilation and contactless payments.

In addition to the safety and hygiene measures already in place, we can advise you that each of our psychologists and front desk team members have received their Covid19 Vaccinations in full.

If you arrive at the practice for your appointment and are unwell, you will not be able to proceed with your session, and alternative arrangements will be made. In the event of a positive Covid19 test, your confidentiality may be required to be broken to provide only relevant details to authorities in the interest of public safety.