Additional Conditions for receiving face-to-face psychological services during a pandemic

During a pandemic there is risk associated with meeting your psychologist for face-to-face sessions. Your psychologist and Kids&Co has in place appropriate measures to reduce this risk in accordance with health guidelines, such as minimising persons within the premises, wiping down high traffic surfaces, regular hand washing and sanitising, cough/sneeze etiquette, no handshaking, increased ventilation and contactless payments.

When attending for face-to-face appointments, you will be required to respect and follow the guidelines in place at the practice, and assist with reducing the risk by arriving for your appointment as close to time as possible, limiting attendance to only those directly involved with your psychologist at each appointment, and to wait in your car or elsewhere if waiting is required.

You will be required not to attend your appointment in person if you/your child feels unwell or has symptoms of Coronavirus, if you have returned from overseas in the 14 days prior to your appointment, or if you/your child has had contact with confirmed or suspected others with Coronavirus. In these circumstances you will be required to follow medical and public health advice, and to make alternative arrangements with your psychologist for your appointment. For example, a phone or telehealth consult may be appropriate instead of your face-to-face session.

If you arrive at the practice for your appointment and are unwell, you will not be able to proceed with your session, and alternative arrangements will be made. In the event of a positive Covid19 test, your confidentiality may be required to be broken to provide only relevant details to authorities in the interest of public safety.